This Glass Lets You Have Whisky in Space


Photos: Ballatine

Since we’ve established that samples of whisky have been sent to test the rigors of space, the next best thing is to probably dream up a galaxy glass that well complements the space-aged whisky. Lucky for us, Spirits company Ballantine has risen to this occasion with its new cutting edge glass which will reportedly work in space. While keeping its shape in line with a traditional whisky glass, the new creation offers a rather futuristic touch with its curved vase fashioned from rose gold.

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According to Open Space Agency’s James Parr, a four-step process is required in getting the whisky in the glass, and then up to drink. He explains, "Motion one pulls the whisky into the base of the glass, then motion two is to roll the whisky in your hand and let the heat transfer through the metal base into the liquid itself. Step three involves then moving the glass down prior to moving your nose into the space where the vapours are resting. The final motion is to move the glass upwards to capture the liquid in the base plate and let it enter your mouth."

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The glass, which has been tested in the Zarm Drop Tower’s microgravity environment, might feel especially weighty on Earth, but certainly not in space. According to Ballantine, the highly unreactive gold makes for an ideal material which can be expected to retain the whisky’s authentic taste. Sufficient surface tension is created from the gold spiral convex base plate, which holds the alcohol at the bottom of the glass in a reservoir. Then, whisky is carried up from the glass to the mouthpiece via a rose gold helix-shaped channel. At the base of the glass lies a 10kg pull magnet that would dock the glass on metallic surfaces, preventing it from floating away.

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