Man Meets Machine in The Hour Glass and MB&F’s Balthazar


Last year, MB&F collaborated with clock specialists L’Epée 1839 to unveil their first robot clock under the motif, ‘A creative adult is a child who survived.’ One of their 10th Anniversary Pieces, the kinetic robot also doubles up as a seamlessly finished, 480-component mechanical table clock, while conveniently reminding you of your wildest childhood dreams.

Now a year on and a new triumph has reared its robotic head in a bigger, better edition. Indeed, MB&F’s Balthazar functions as a sort of big brother to its predecessor, offering a reimagined classic whilst following the lines of traditional mechanical clock making in sophisticated, high-precision clocks. The robot brothers offer some typical traits, including mechanical brains thumping under transparent domes, which drive the sweeping minutes and jumping hours on their chests.

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Able to rely on ultra-long power reserves, Balthazar can run endlessly for 35 days. His eyes remind of his little brother, which scan surroundings nonstop in a 20-second retrograde action.

Of course, when we call Balthazar the bigger brother, we also mean it literally. With an impressive 8-kg frame and a height of 40-cm, Balthazar’s body is composed of 618 micro-engineered components. That’s not all – accurate for 122 years, the robot clock also has a dual hemisphere moon phase indicator.

Don’t be fooled by his friendly face – like most of us, Balthazar’s dark side unfolds as he rotates his torso around his hips in an angle of 180°, revealing a sinister skull, complete with ruby-red eyes and a menacing grin.

Retailing at SGD85,300, the limited edition exquisite objet d’art is available in 50 pieces per colour in black, silver, blue or green armor.

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