Beyerdynamic’s premium Aventho headphones customizes sound just for you

Beyerdynamic’s new Aventho headphones are a set of closed, wireless on-ear headphones that use Beyerdynamic’s Tesla sound transducers for rich detail without coloring. The headphones use Bluetooth 4.2 technology with support for aptX HD and AAC for optimal wireless streaming, and boast a 20 hour battery life thanks to its rechargeable internal battery.

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Unlike simple equalization adjustments, the personalization technology used by the Aventho comes from Mimi Hearing Technologies, and is certified as a medical product. Developed by a team of audiologists, psychoacoustic experts, engineers and designers, the technology takes into account the way sound is processed in the human ear to choose what information to emphasize. Rather than making frequency-specific volume adjustments, Mimi’s (and hence the Aventho) adjustments replicate the natural processes in human hearing and therefore provides clear, full and high-contrast sound.


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Touch gestures on the right control pad allow you access to all the commonly used playback functions, and also let you take and make calls so your smartphone can stay in your pocket. The sensitivity of the touch controls can be adjusted by the MIY app, and the app also provides the “soundcheck” by which a complete listening profile is created for you within six minutes.

The profile is stored on a chip in the headphones itself, so that your listening profile will be applied to everything you listen to on the Aventho. You can vary the intensity of the calibration with the MIY app too, and there’s even a service which provides you prompts when it's time to take a break based on your listening duration and playback volume.

The pricing for Singapore hasn't been announced yet, but the Aventho is currently on pre-orders for €449 on the Beyerdynamic website.

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