Chanel Is Now Selling a S$2020 Boomerang


The boomerang, a historical hunting weapon used by Indigenous Australians, is widely seen as a traditional Australian icon, though traces of it have also been found in Egypt, Europe and North America. Despite its ambiguous true origins, its historical use remains consistent – Indigenous Australian rock art allegedly dating to as far back as 50,000 years ago have largely depicted the tool to be thrown at kangaroos and other animals.

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These days, however, the boomerang has evolved beyond weaponry to be a tool of recreation and sport… and fashion. That’s right – Chanel has newly released a luxury boomerang, finished in glossy black wood and resin with its signature double C logo and a S$2020 price tag.

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Image: Jeffree Star's Instagram

Chanel’s version is not without criticisms, however, with Twitter running rampant with users accusing the French label of "cultural appropriation”. According to CNN, a spokesperson from Chanel has released a statement that the firm expresses regret over some people’s offense. The boomerang remains on sale on Chanel’s official website. Despite the backlash, Chanel’s boomerang appears to have raked in some fans. American singer-songwriter and makeup artist Jeffree Star has notably posted the photo of his boomerang on Instagram with the caption, "Having so much fun with my new #Chanel boomerang!"

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