Cool-Looking Speakers That Double Up As Statement Pieces

Speakers have been around for as long as there’s been radio and music. But why settle for speakers that don’t look as good as they sound?  Here are 9 speakers we have singled out for audiophiles who prefer something a tad more audacious than run-of-the-mill standing speakers.

#1: Empire "Steam" Steampunk speakers

When it comes to the Empire "Steam" Steampunk speakers by Air Hammer Industries, saying “I want them this instant. To whom do I make the check out to?” would be an appropriate reaction. This pair of Empire Steam speakers was handmade by Air Hammer Industries. Each octagonal cabinet is constructed from Medium-density fibreboard (MDF) with a copper veneer, copper edge strips, brass washers and bronze square head screws. The speakers are covered with 1.5″ thick granite tops and feature copper tubing details. Each speaker also has down firing woofers. A pair of these beauties cost US$12,600 and Air Hammer Industries is more than happy to take customization requests for a top with a different material and up to 16 different types of copper veneer.

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#2: Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone

Inspired by 1920s horn speakers, Gramovox sought out to create something that offered a bold design and vintage sound…and if you ask us, they succeeded. The Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone’s form and function are a marriage of vintage and modern aesthetics that allows you to stream nostalgia. Made from a steel horn and solid walnut base, the minimalist design of the Gramovox Bluetooth Gramophone places the controls at the bottom, behind the piece. The panel includes a 3.5mm stereo input, an on/off switch and a micro USB input. It is small enough to fit on your table, shelf, or mantle, and yet large enough to make a statement.

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#3: Bang & Olufsen BeoLab 90

The BeoLab 90 is a celebration of Bang & Olufsen’s 90th anniversary. The highly sophisticated loudspeaker contains a multitude of technologies. It is a perfect mix of world-class design and acoustics. BeoLab 90 has a unique and impressive appearance with no apparent visual front, which substantiates the all-embracing acoustic performance of the loudspeaker. The 360º design is based on a complex aluminium cabinet totalling more than 65kg of aluminium, so the structure is rock solid. The black fabric covers hover like sails in front of the speakers, and the curved wooden base lifts up the large structure from the floor, allowing the loudspeaker to fit in with the interior design anywhere in your home.

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#4: iXoost ESAVOX Speaker

iXoost’s ESAVOX aimed at those who nurture a real passion for the Lamborghini. According to iXoost it took 2 years of meticulous research to produce the ESAVOX. The design is based on single block cabinets in carbon and wood, recalling the most iconic features of Lamborghini cars. The central element is the original exhaust pipes of Lamborghinis, which puts all elements into proportion. It has a monocoque chassis in carbon Twill 245 3k, an exhaust system with variable aperture to control pressure of the sub woofer, a passive shock absorber system to dampen vibrations, etc. Moreover, the two side cabinets, handmade with a hexagonal form and housing a 6.5-inch full range and 8-inch woofer in carbon. And in case you were wondering, it costs €19,900 (tax excluded).

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#5: Figureheads: 'Sound of Power' Speakers

Donald Trump, Vladimir Putin, Kim Jong-un, Margaret Thatcher and Pablo Escobar, are/were by no means figureheads. Whether you agree with their methods or political inclinations, there’s no denying the fact that the decisions that these people make – including Thatcher and Escobar when they were alive – everyday can make or break the lives of millions. Wouldn’t it be cool to make them dance to your tune for a chance? Thanks to Petro Wodkins, you can do just that with the series of ‘Sound of Power’ speakers. The glossy white bust-shaped speakers work perfectly for your desktop, but can also serve as floor speakers or solitary sculptures. The Sound of Power bust speakers are all made in a limited edition of 100 units each.

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#6: AudioOrb​

Based on the Micasa Lab Cocoon, the individuals from the small Scandinavian Creative Lab, Studio Total, have developed the AudioOrb – the first enclosed spherical speaker that you can actually sit inside of. Couple the fact that spherical spaces almost completely block out the noise from the outside, with the silence and solitude you would get from entering a covered space, and you get an environment that is perfect to for a personal auditory experience. The piece de resistance of the AudioOrb, are the 18 speakers that have been mounted inside that give you a rich and full audio spectrum. Studio Total built only two units, and each sold for US$15,000.

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#7: Ruark R7 Radiogram Hi-Fi System

Radiograms, a common sight some decades past, may well be the original integrated audio systems for the home and office. Combining a radio tuner and loudspeakers into all-in-one furniture units, many radiograms also included turntables to play vinyl. Years on, Ruark remained inspired and created the R7 Radiogram hi-fi system. With a fine furniture-grade cabinet finish, the R7 is crafted for the modern home. It substitutes a multi-format CD player, high-resolution aptX HD Bluetooth receiver, DAB, DAB+, FM and Internet tuners, Spotify Connect, switchable analogue and digital inputs in lieu of a traditional turntable. It will be available soon in October 2017.

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#8: World's First Transparent Directional Speakers

Turtle Beach Corporation, a leading audio technology company for over 40 years, has achieved an amazing breakthrough with its HyperSound technology. The company is now able to create directional audio using a transparent pane of glass. So much for the ‘fiction’ in Science Fiction. Similar to how a flashlight directs a beam of light, HyperSound directs a beam of audio to targeted listeners in a specific spot, delivering an immersive, 3D-like audio experience. For HyperSound Glass, the glass pane is layered with a set of transparent films allowing it to generate a beam of ultrasound that delivers crisp, clear audio to the targeted listener.

#9: AeroBull HD


The stylish AeroBull HD is man’s best friend, providing a high definition and full bodied sound that comes from Jarre Technologies’ audio research. To complete the look, the remote for the AeroBull HD is shaped liked a bone, making the combination fun and playful. Available in three vibrant colors, white, red and matte black, the AeroBull HD is designed as a graphic statement piece that combines form and function. Producing 120 watts of high definition aerial sound through a sophisticated 2.1 system, the AeroBull HD seamlessly connects to any smartphone through lightning, Bluetooth and NFC. Each speaker is available for €2,329.

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