dunhill AW16 Art Deco Accessories


Art Deco first appeared in France right before the First World War, flourishing in the ‘20s and ‘30s as it made its mark in architecture, furniture design, jewelry, fashion and everyday objects, among others. A pastiche of various styles, the visual arts style was symbolic of the drive towards modern ways in an occasionally contradictory manner.

You’d recognize the beauty of the movement in iconic silhouettes of the world, à la New York’s Chrysler Building and London’s Claridge’s Hotel lobby, in sweeping lines and geometric surfaces, but Art Deco is what defined dunhill’s accessories. With sleek vibes and futuristic ambition, the style drove its aesthetic within the label for three decades, in the timelessness of cufflinks, tie pins and watches.

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The style’s revival is long due, and now the label’s Autumn Winter accessories dare to unfold in an elegant story amidst pens, lighters and cufflinks in a rounding of immaculate innovation and modest beauty. The collection captures the vividness of bold seduction and the most glamorous design movement of the century.

Amongst its highlights include the Sentryman Collection Rollerball and BallPoint pen, whose high-shine stainless steel glistens with the smartly etched graphic linear Art Deco detailing.

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