Why You Should Buy the World’s Most Expensive Hair Dryer


Beautiful long tresses are not without the pain of dreadful wet hair that either takes forever to air dry or risks the likely heat damage from high temperatures burning up your delicate mane.

Lucky for you, the highly-anticipated Dyson Supersonic hair dryer will be finally hitting the stores in Singapore on August 5. Tangs is now accepting pre-orders on their website, where customers can choose to personally pick them up at the store or have the hair dryer delivered to their home on the launch date.

Setting out to redefine the very way one dries their hair, this intelligent hair dryer rides on the waves of precise engineering, a quick, controlled airflow and years of stringent testing to offer a luxurious, cutting edge hair drying experience.

Now, with a price tag of S$599, the Dyson Supersonic is easily the world’s most expensive hair dryer. But is it worth its hype (and price tag)? The answer is an easy yes, and here’s why:

Quieter Than the Rest

Getting a blowout often signals the end of conversation – but probably not with this one. In addition to having two more blades in the motor impeller instead of the usual 11, where the engineers at Dyson managed to push one tone within the motor to a frequency beyond the humanly audible, the hair dryer’s tiny motor is surrounded by acoustic silencers that reduce its sound even further. The result is a comfortable volume while you dry your hair, where conversation carries on.

Supersonic Sensation

Best known for their bagless vacuum cleaners, the British manufacturer is no dark horse in the industry. You might think that with a significantly quieter machine, speed might be compromised, but not with this one. If you’ve used their products, you might have marveled at its sheer force and power. The new Dyson Supersonic is no different – much like its moniker suggests, one can certainly expect to be blown away with this one. Their patented Air Multiplier™ technology allows for a high velocity jet of air to blast out, where the volume of air drawn into the motor is magnified threefold. Striking a balance between great power and excellent control, the hair dryer is angled at 20° for precise drying and skillful styling. Needless to say, with such a powerful blast, you can certainly have your hair dried even quicker than before!

Intelligent Heat Control

Conventional hairdryers, if not used precariously, can cause heat damage to your precious locks especially if you hold them too closely to your head. Equipped with an intelligent heat control, the Dyson Supersonic makes sure you hair isn’t exposed to extreme temperatures. How’s that possible, you ask? Thanks to a temperature-measuring glass bead thermistor at impressive intervals of 20 times each second, data transmitted to a microprocessor that intelligently adjusts the patented double-stacked heating element appropriately. Of course, higher temperatures are necessary for a quicker hair drying experience, but the Dyson Supersonic makes sure it's also comfortable and safe.

Fashionably Futuristic

All that aside, we love the Dyson Supersonic for being super-stylish - from its fascinating donut shaped middle to its compact, lightweight structure. It also helps that it looks like a piece of the future - but then again, that's exactly where we're at!




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