Flying Carcasses! Man Turns Dead Animals to Drones


The next time you catch a flying cat coursing through the sky, you might not actually be going nuts. You might actually be right.

When his beloved cat Orville died prematurely after getting hit by a car four years ago, Bart Jansen wasn’t willing to say goodbye just yet. Unwilling to bury his dead cat and leave it six feet deep forever, the Dutch inventor decided to inject a bit of immortality to Orville, as he transformed his furry pet into a custom drone.

While Jansen makes a living from fitting solar panels, the Dutch dad is unsurprisingly more famous for his unusual inventions than his solar panel-fitting prowess. His bizarre creation quickly paved way for a whole series of dead animals turned fully-functioning quadcopters, like the ‘Ostrichcopter’ and the ‘Sharkjet’.

Unsurprisingly, the taxidermy drones have not only gone viral, but have attracted worldwide criticism that brand Bart’s creations as cruel and inhumane.

Jansen, who works closely with Arjen Beltman, a technical engineer, is anticipating a rather ambitious upcoming project that hopes to unleash an animal-based craft that could transport a person. While there’s no saying when exactly said creation will be materializing, Jansen’s website displays his increasingly peculiar carcass drones, where he describes his company as “a Netherlands based company that produces a wide range of taxidermy animal drones.”





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