Channel Transformers with Hankook Mirae Method-2 Robot Suit



You might think you are watching a trailer for an upcoming sci-fi movie, but this one is the real deal. Indeed, the Hankook Mirae Method-2 Robot Suit is no imaginary CGI creation but a grand, 13-foot beast with a cockpit for user control. All the user has to do is move their arms and the robot will follow suit.

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If the 1.5-ton monster reminded you of something out of the Transformers series, the man behind the futuristic dream is none other than Vitaly Bulgarov, who also counts the Terminator franchise and Robocop in his conceptual design portfolio.

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Over two years and investments reaching $200 million have gone into the gigantic creation, managed by Bulgarov and a team of 30 engineers, though the company reveals that they are still a work in progress. The company expects to unveil the final product in late 2017, when the robot goes on sale for $8.3 million.

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