Insider's Picks: Christmas Gifts for Him


Montegrappa Brain Silver Fountain Pen


This limited edition Montegrappa Brain Pen is an excellent gift for the intellectual gentleman – with only 1,012 of these silver fountain pens available. Why this specific number? The number represents how many neurons we have in the human brain, not simply 1,012 but approximately 10 to the power of 12, or about a trillion neurons! Of course, each pen comes with something extra, in the form of a lovely book by Dr. Restak written specially for the brand.

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HYT Skull Bad Boy


This one’s for the bad boys. Its dark liquid comes with a cool skull, crafted with the characteristic look of Damascus steel, which Samurais used to make their swords. A fascinating raw material, a blend of multi-layers of carbon and steel folded upon themselves 256 times are cast in batches of five skulls, where none will look like the other. Aside from its hard rock look, the watch has a matte black 51 mm case, crafted from fully microblasted DLC titanium, attached to a buffed alligator strap with a touch of slate grey.

#DGLOVES Sneakers


This crisp, white sneaker by Dolce&Gabbana makes an excellent tribute to the globetrotter – the man who travels the world with a laidback attitude, and considers themselves an adventurer of sorts. These comfortable shoes are part of the label’s limited capsule edition, where their original London sneakers were taken up a notch with 10 fantastic designs in a creative interpretation of nine cities in the world, from Paris to Milan, Beijing to New York and London to Macau.

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Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve


With its glowing gold hue, this recent unveiling by Glenfarclas marks the distillery’s latest Glenfarclas Pagoda Reserve Trilogy, which also features their oldest whisky to date. The bottle comes with a fantastically handcrafted pagoda-shaped magnetic stopper in brass, silver or gold finishing, with a gorgeous hand-blown Glencairn crystal decanter to match. The perfectly balanced whisky is indeed, a characteristically Glenfarclas edition, with a lovely sweetness in layers of flavor.

zai & Moncler Grenoble Skis


It’s winter after all. These limited edition exclusively numbered pieces are handcrafted entirely by master artisans, where each ski offers a patented material that brings artistry and technology together. If you demand durability and great speed, then these skis are perfect. Indeed, a beautifully innovative blend is summarized by a fantastic rounding of aluminum, carbon, steel, thermoplastic and rubber, and an inexhaustible "nano high speed race".

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