Insider’s Picks: Expensive Christmas Gifts for Pampered Pets

From crystal-studded pet flaps to high fashion pet bowls, how pampered can your pets get? Since Christmas is around the corner, we've picked out some exciting gifts for your sweet pet.


Versace Barocco Pet Bowl, $750

It seems like the high fashion brand is not just a purveyor of stylish clothes. Glistening in 22 karat gold leafing, with a finishing touch of classic black and gold, this lavish bowl is certainly fit for the finest pets. Of course, with a grand bowl like so, it is also necessary to fill it with equally matched gourmet fare of the highest order, like the caviar and white truffles of the pet world.

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Swarovski Pet Flap, $1,600

Entering and exiting a house should not be without style. Indeed, the best way to make a dazzling entrance, is through this crystal-studded flap made by Swarovski. How else can your pet feel royal enough?


Diamond Studded Collar, $3.2 million

This dazzling collar certainly makes a grand statement – not just with its exorbitant price tag but with its 1,600 meticulously hand-set diamonds, exotic leather and platinum and 18-carat white gold. Hailed the  “Bugatti of dog collars”, this diamond-studdded piece is custom-fitted to ensure maximum comfort and total sophistication.

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