iXoost ESAVOX Speaker is built like a Lamborghini. Literally.


iXoost’s ESAVOX aimed at those who nurture a real passion for the Lamborghini. According to iXoost it took 2 years of meticulous research to produce the ESAVOX, which we can all agree is a pretty long time to build a speaker. But then take one look at the ESAVOX and it becomes very apparent that it is no ordinary boombox. The design is based on single block cabinets in carbon and wood, recalling the most iconic features of Lamborghini cars. The central element is the original exhaust pipes of Lamborghinis, which puts all elements into proportion.


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ESAVOX has been designed like an extreme car. It has a monocoque chassis in carbon Twill 245 3k, an exhaust system with variable aperture to control pressure of the sub woofer, a passive shock absorber system to dampen vibrations, etc. Moreover, the two side cabinets, handmade with a hexagonal form and housing a 6.5-inch full range and 8-inch woofer in carbon, offer a solid base for a stereo experience that fills the entire room. The heart of the unit lies in a down firing subwoofer of 15 inches with high sensitivity, in Neodymium. Two 1-inch tweeters in Mylar complete the system, located inside the original exhaust unit.


By integrating Bluetooth 4.0 technology with the traditional AUX connection, the iXoost ESAVOX enables you to control music stored on your smartphone, tablet, or computer simply and in complete freedom.

And in case you were wondering, it costs €19900 (tax excluded).



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