Dare to Drink This $600 Cat Poop Coffee?


At $600 a pound, you might ask yourself: Is this coffee made of gold or something?

The Kopi Luwak is born from the glamorous depths of cat excretion, where partially-digested coffee cherries are singled out then ground into a highly-lauded variety of coffee whose remarkable taste is said to bear a sweetness like no other. We’re curious how this discovery came about. How did someone arrive at the epiphany that coffee from cat poop would be so delicious? The coffee is actually quite popular in London and New York, where a single cup could go for as much as $100.

Dying for a taste? In a recent GQ video, 2 Chainz went ahead with a taste of the coffee, prepared in a $6,000- Blossom brewer for a possibly enhanced experience. The American rapper admitted being unable to find anything that would differentiate the Kopi Luwak from an otherwise ordinary cup, before adding that he is rather new to the world of coffee.

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Maybe it’s the $6000 brewer that couldn’t bring out the authentic taste of the Kopi Luwak, said to lack the bitterness of conventional coffee thanks to the miraculous things that went about the civet’s bowels – you know, before the beans made their reappearance on Earth.

We’d recommend this bad boy for the ultimate coffee indulgence. After all – if you’re going to have some of the world’s most expensive coffee, you might as well brew it from a machine that matches its extravagance.

The Espresso Veloce gives you just that, with a finishing touch of Grand Prix engine-like awesomeness. The Espresso Veloce is not just another pretty face, though. In fact, it wasn’t inspired by fast cars by accident – timing is measured right down to the thousandth of a second, in order to create the perfect cup of coffee.

Italian for ‘espresso speed’, the machines are fashioned as half-scale models of Grand Prix engines from the ‘90s, available in with V8, V10 or V12. You could customize the limited edition machines in whichever color you like, including red, blue, orange, gunmetal, gold or black.

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