This Adorable Talking Robot Will ‘Watch’ Your Home When You’re Away


Talking robots are no longer just a Disney Pixar imagination – it is now an increasing reality. You might even say that it is getting more realistic. The new Kuri Home Robot is not just about providing that helpful extra pair of ‘eyes’ around your home, too. Designed to inject a feel of life and a touch of personality, the home robot is all about being a part of the family.

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Aside from ‘emoting’ through its eyes, Kuri recognize faces instantly, detects objects and will automatically map out your house. The Kuri Home Robot also has a friendly temperament for a finishing touch, depicting a semblance of actual emotion. Standing at a mere 20 inches tall, we even think the adorable mini robot takes after Baymax from Big Hero 6.

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The resemblance stretches beyond the aesthetics – Kuri will also follow you around, enabled by powerful motors that will conquer rough carpets and thresholds, and listen to every word you say through multiple mics. When you are not at home, the robot serves as a roaming security camera, with a built-in 1080p camera that allows you to monitor parts of your home while you are away. Of course, given its personality, one can also expect to be read bedtime stories or sang lullabies too – all of which the robot will certainly be happy to do.

Kuri Home Robot is now up for pre-order on the Kuri website for US$699.

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