Lenovo reveals concept for laptop with a screen that you can bend


There has been talk of bendable screens on phones for a few years now. Though it’s far cry from being completely bendable, HTC has recently release its squeezable U Phone. We’re not too sure if we would even want a bendable screen on a phone. The practical applications of such a thing, elude us. A bendable screen on a laptop however, sounds more intriguing. At an event in New York, Lenovo showed off an image of a laptop with flexible display, its latest imagining of the future of personal computing.

The laptop even featured the iconic ThinkPad pointing stick, but that’s one of the few familiar elements that we recognize. There is no display hinge at all, and the keyboard simply flows into the screen, which then curves into a somewhat upright angle.

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Lenovo was vague on exactly how this might be possible, saying only that it would use “new screen technologies” and “advanced materials”. It would also rely heavily on voice commands or a stylus, and be “always connected” and “always on”. Lenovo has played around with bendable screens before. Last year, it trotted out a smartphone concept that curves around your wrist like a bracelet.

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It also isn’t the only company to experiment in this area. LG is working on flexible OLED displays, and Samsung is rumored to be developing a foldable phone called the Galaxy X. That said, it’s safe to say that Lenovo’s concept for a flexible laptop is still quite a distance away. But just because it isn’t possible today doesn't mean it never will be, and we definitely appreciate big dreams and ideas, even if they seem less than practical.

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Story originally appeared on HardwareZone.


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