Rare Life-Sized Alien Queen Is Listed for Record US$75,000


Images: Ebay

The sequel to 2012 American science fiction film Prometheus has finally hit theatres this summer. Ridley Scott’s 'Alien: Covenant' stars Michael Fassbender, Noomi Rapace and Guy Pearce in an otherworldly action-packed alien adventure like never before and has already grossed a record US$117 million worldwide.

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For all you die-hard fans of the Alien sci-fi horror franchise, a life sized replica of the Alien Queen is up on eBay for US$75,000. Listed as a “licensed product by Fox”, it is believed that only five have ever been made in the early 90s by professional Halloween animatronics and masks maker Distortions. According to the listing, filmmaker James Cameron did not approve of the initial moulds due to its inaccurate depiction. Only one final product was made in proper proportions, with its predecessor reportedly gone or beyond repair.


Close-up of the Queen Alien

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The Queen Alien on the listing was said to have undergone heavy restorations including a band new paint job to achieve its original form, despite being found in relatively good condition. The colossal remake of the Queen Alien stands at an intimidating 16-feet, since she was modified to be in a full standing position, complete with an impressive set of alien teeth and frighteningly realistic tendons to match. If you ever damage its teeth – and we are not exactly sure why you would – extra teeth is also supplied. Despite its fantastic detail and accuracy, note that this licensed prop is more than two decades old and bears slight imperfections. The listing however, notes that the figure is has the “best condition” out of the five originals.

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