Limited Edition Creepy Crawly Diamond Metamorphosis Sideboard


Minimalist décor may be all the rage, but it arguably veers quite a bit on the safe side. If extravagant, busy interiors and complex architecture isn’t quite your thing, but you want something a little out of the ordinary, this newly reinvented sideboard from Boca do Lobo strikes a cool balance with its subtle beauty with an unexpected twist.

Boca do Lobo’s Diamond Metamorphosis marks a stellar reinvention of one of the brand’s more iconic pieces, the Black Diamond safe, whose body is not unlike the new creepy crawly Diamond Metamorphosis sideboard.

As its name suggests, a new aesthetic is unveiled from Black Diamond’s metamorphosis. Like how a beautiful butterfly breaks free from the ready cocoon of a sensible caterpillar, and how a tiny tadpole transforms into a great frog, so too does the Diamond Metamorphosis emerge from its former self – bigger and better.

The work of art, crafted from a wood composite, features a lacquer coated finish on the exterior, with its interior covered in glistening gold leaves. Exhibiting hand carved details filled with a hand hammered brass sheet, the Diamond Metamorphosis’ detailed buffet surface is of course, marked by the predatory arachnids that take the spotlight – individually placed, cast from brass and coated in nickel.

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