Montblanc Golden Elixir Turns Your Words Into Gold


Indeed, with ink that contains 24ct gold and a handcrafted leather notebook to match, the mere act of writing transforms into an enchanting experience like no other. Better still that the collection is extremely limited at just 100 pieces, making the Montblanc Golden Elixir Collection something enjoyed only by a special few.

Inspired by the ancient art of medieval book illumination, the collection is a retelling of a historically refined artistry and craftwork, marked by gold leaves and gold powder masterfully applied on paper. Now words aren’t just inherently powerful – they even look the part with gold glistening across pages of handcrafted books and manuscripts.

Genuine 24 carat gold particles make up the framework of the golden elixir ink, making it one of the most expensive liquids in the world. A gold plated cap inscribed with Montblanc emblem secures the exquisite liquid, which is safely stored inside a beautiful, small solid glass bottle.

Legend has it that Medieval alchemists told of a special elixir that could turn any metal to gold. Likewise, the ink of the Golden Elixir may appear dark red as you observe the insides of the bottle, but once dried on black paper, you will find that every mark would have transformed into glistening, pure gold.

And what’s a great ink without an exquisite notebook to match? With lush leather covers intricately embellished in fine gold, the Golden Elixir Notebook reflects the ancient medieval books and their utter magnificence. Its heavy deep black insides only serve to accentuate the brilliance of the gold ink, bound by soft calf leather imprinted with an ornate “G” monogram in 22ct gold leaves.


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