Montegrappa's New Pen Would Make Doctor Strange Envious


Inaugurating Montegrappa’s new series ‘Mysticum’, is a personality who embodies all that the worlds of the metaphysical and the mysterious encompasses. He is a controversial figure encapsulating a mixture of notions from Hermetism, Alchemy, Kabbalah and Freemasonry; the legendary Count Cagliostro. Count Alessandro di Cagliostro (1743–1795) was the alias of the occultist Giuseppe Balsamo. An Italian adventurer and magician, he became a glamorous figure associated with the royal courts of Europe, practising for them various occult arts, including psychic healing and alchemy; even though his origins are shrouded in mystery.

Montegrappa represents Cagliostro’s history with the occult with the Count Cagliostro Limited Edition in black resin and sterling silver or with solid 18K gold trim (available as both a fountain pen and a rollerball pen). The fountain pen is piston-fed, with 18K gold nib with filigree decoration.

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To convey the trappings of the occultist, the Count Cagliostro Pen is decorated with images associated with the various mystical arts. The pen’s clip is crafted with the lost-wax casting technique representing the Caduceus and Cagliostro’s personal seal symbols, while the pen’s barrel and cap are a mixture of silver or gold cutwork and micro-milling. Among the sigils engraved on the pen are the “eye in the pyramid” associated with Illuminati, the square-and-compass of the Freemasons and the grid that represents the Tree of Life of the Kabbalah.

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Numerology defines the Kabbalah and is a critical element of the occult. So, too, are the numbers of pens issued in the series. It consists of 289 fountain pens in sterling silver and 289 rollerball pens in sterling silver, for the number of the Masonic lodge in London located on 289 Gerrard Street in Soho, to which the Count was admitted. 22 fountain pens have been fashioned in solid 18K gold, representing the 22 paths of Life, as inscribed on the pen’s barrel, with 10 rollerball pens in solid 18K gold, in accordance with the 10 sephiroth on the Tree of Life.

While Montegrappa ascribes no mystical powers to the Count Cagliostro Pens, those who write with it will undoubtedly experience its charms.

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