Most Expensive: $50,000 Crocodile Skin Umbrella


If you like living life in the fast lane, wearing complicated watches, donning the finest suits (even bulletproof ones) and going to the best parties, you can be caught in a storm in style too.

With a $50,000 umbrella like this, you can be sure to always look impeccable even when navigating through stormy weather. No two umbrellas are totally alike since each one is made from top quality crocodile skin with its own unique details.

Now, wanting an umbrella like so calls for a special order to be made at Billionaire Couture’s flagship store in London.

Created by Italian Formula One mogul Flavio Briatore and designer Angelo Galasso, Billionaire Couture is all about creating that quintessential wardrobe for mature men who dare to be who they want to be. It’s extravagant, rich and totally unapologetic – not unlike this lavish umbrella that, despite its leather framework, is actually completely functional.

Thanks to a water-resistant treatment the Billionaire Couture Crocodile Skin Umbrella can hold its own in the rain. Moreover, its tough material probably means it won’t even flip out from strong winds.

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