You Won't Believe How Much These Phone Apps Cost!

You probably think the most expensive apps cost around the ballpark of $10. At least, that’s what you saw on the app store. Most of your apps are probably free. We would even go so far to take a wild guess that all of them are free. You probably find your one-time splurge on that $4.99 photo editing app quite a stretch, until you saw these…

Punch Clowns for US$299


Photos: iTunes

For only $299, you get ‘a set of fun activities that are bundled together’ in Boffo Fun Time Game Pax 2 by developer Ubiquitous Muffin. The game’s ultimate selling point includes you having a go at a clown-like punching bag. Perhaps an actual punching bag might be a better deal…

TouchChat for Speech Difficulties, US$299


This one costs the same price as the clown app, but we will give props for this one being actually useful. Silver Kite’s Classic TouchChat with WordPower is specially designed to help individuals with Down Syndrome, apraxia, stroke, Autism or ALS, amongst others who have conditions that affect their ability to engage in natural speech. Both English and Spanish options are provided in one app.

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Dentist App, US$500


DDS GP is described as the ‘#1 iPad app for dentists worldwide’, with various accolades including the "Best Product of 2011" by Gordon Christensen's CR and a five-star rating by Dental Product Shopper reviewers. The app is designed to help both dental professionals and patients in their communication, whether in helping patients understand their their dental conditions and their eventual treatments.

Bar Exam Crash Course, US$1,000


Most people know how hard it is to pass the Bar. Lucky for you, the Harvard Law alumni-designed BarMax California includes questions from previous Bar Exams and lectures from Harvard Law professors. Once in a while, it even ranks in the top 40 educational apps in iTunes!

The Millionaire’s App, US$1,000


It is not enough that you paid $1,000 for VIP Black – you have to verify that you are worth ‘in excess of one-million pounds’ before you can enjoy their abundance of benefits, including locating some posh, premium accommodation in your search for, say, a hotel room in London. Best part? You get a fruit basket for using the app!

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