Nesmuk Exklusiv Diamond Studded Knifes


Images: Nesmuk

A fine knife and crafty fingers are arguably winning combinations in creating an intricate work of art. But whilst the knife provides the essential step in said craftsmanship, the beauty of the knife itself is often disregarded with most interested in only the end result of the work it creates.

Enter Nesmuk Exklusiv, a fantastic collection of knives from a maker dedicated (and also very much known) for their handcrafted, intricate knives, elevated with the thoughtful ways of art and the consistent dedication of master craftsmanship.

From Chef’s Knives to Slicers, choose from a gorgeous array of wood to make for a personalized handle and a bespoke finish. Almost 50 work steps condense the meticulous production of the knives, whose intricacy is not without arduous planning and executing, including drawing, forging, tempering and annealing, and finally the wet grinding of the stark blade and the mounting of the fine handle.

These cutting-edge bespoke blades, are made entirely by hand by talented Nesmuk blade smiths, who dedicate intense concentration across endless hours and sometimes days to craft something to the degree of perfection – and one can certainly expect such from elegant cuts that are only possible with the best carbon steel sourced from below the wild Damascus, with a Rockwell hardness of 64–65.

About 480 layers of selected carbon steel make the framework of the Nesmuk Exklusiv Full Damascus, whose distinct double-sided hollow-ground blade comes around a sophisticated Damascus pattern. The Full Damascus also has an impressive Rockwell hardness of 62.

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