Outrageously Opulent Driveable Toys for Kids

The Rolls-Royce SRH, Not for Sale


Designed specially for St Richard’s Hospital Paediatric Day surgery, the aptly-named Rolls-Royce SRH is a driveable toy with a cause. Besides driving themselves to the operating theatre in style, past Pediatric Unit corridors lined with ‘traffic signs’, the adorable mini Rolls-Royce was designed to reduce stress and anxiety and is the smallest car ever produced by the Sussex-based manufacturer. Rolls-Royce declined to reveal the cost of making this car, and does not have any plans to produce any more.

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Gold-Plated Atom Car, US$38,000


This flashy gold-plated sports car for children runs on a rechargeable 48volt Cpu motor and can hit top speeds of a whopping 15mph. On a single charge, the car lasts for up to 48 hours. Of course, a glamorous ride like so is not complete without optional personalized number plates and a customisable leather interior. If alloy wheels are your thing, you could also add them to this bedazzling ride.

Little Land Rover Defender, US$12,600


The Land Rover Defender pedal car a sweet miniature version based on the current Defender model, but no less intimidating. Each pedal car is built by hand, with a sweet alumunium body and a luxurious leather-trimmed interior. The toy isn’t just a fancy imposter – with tough rubber tires and spring suspension, the pedal car will have no trouble traversing rougher terrain.

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Ducati Hypermotard by Peg Perego, approx. US$600


This electric mini bike takes a leaf from the original Ducati, and even functions just like the real thing, with an accelerator for a right knob and a rechargeable 12 Volt battery. When traffic gets frustrating, two buttons provide extra entertainment – the first you can use to horn exceptionally inconsiderate drivers, and the second for an exciting roar of the engine. For bikes used without stabilising wheels, there is an iron stand with rubber when you park your bike.

Porsche Go-Kart Pedal Car, US$900


You no longer have to envy daddy’s Porsche – kids between the ages of 5 and 8 can now take their very own Porsche out for a spin. The swanky pedal car is Porsche’s most eco-friendly model yet, and reminds of the Baby 918 Spyder. Running solely on peddle power with a top speed hitting a high of as fast as you can peddle, the Porsche Go-Kart Pedal Car emits zero emissions. Crafted by Porsche’s design studios in Austria’s Zell am Zee, this rear-wheel drive vehicle also has an adjustable sport seat, a coaster braking system and a hand brake.

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