Would You Buy These Rare Vintage Bidets?

Where sanitation in history was a luxury afforded by only a handful, modern technology is great in the way it redefines everyday situations with a new convenience – simple, everyday tasks that could do with a healthy level of hygiene (like toilet affairs) become painless and hassle-free. The modern bidet, for example, is an excellent addition to the toilet, accomplishing sanitation and washing without having to use your hands. But would you buy these vintage ones? You know, the ones that probably have had centuries’ worth of… never mind.

Antique French Bidet


This rare bidet from 18th century France was given new life – made of pitch pine, porcelain and zinc, this piece was originally a bedroom piece, and these days pass off as a humble side table with a wood top, making a fitting addition to any room… for US$4,700.

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Austrian Bidet


This gorgeous bidet now sits in an Austrian museum, a piece reportedly from the era of indoor plumbing, given the row of tiny holes, which lend a clue. With some careful sterilization and an open mind, you can enjoy the view of a stellar work of art from a bygone era.

Rare Decorated Bidet


Originally a toilet, this rare piece can be perfectly transformed into a bidet with the right hardware. This one dates back to the early 20th century with romantic flora hand painted in its porcelain exterior and interior. Talk about being in touch with nature!

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