This belt buckle rivals even the finest watch movements


Developed in association with Bugatti, Roland Iten’s R22 MK1 has a unique mechanical belt mechanism to rival even the finest watch movements. Hand-crafted bridges, cogs, wheels, springs and pinions all interconnect to create a mechanism that allows the wearer to obtain the absolute precise fit.

Traditional belts come in lengths of 90, 100, 110 or 120 cm, so most of the time you’ll have to find an appropriate buckle to go with the belt size. However, the Roland Iten R22 Mk.I-22mm “Bugatti edition” mechanical buckle is customizable to any size, whether it is 87.30, 99.50 or 108.90 cm. This sophisticated instrument, constructed with the highest precision mechanics and the finest materials, not only allows a contemplated adjustment to the exact waist measurement, but also affords an expansion range of 22mm thanks to a unique reverse engineered “engrenage” invention which is discreetly cached under the “hood”.

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Comprised of precisely 102 components in gold/titanium and 103 components in steel/titanium, each piece of this limited edition series has been entirely handcrafted, polished and assembled by master-craftsmen in Geneva, Switzerland, and supervised throughout the production process by Roland Iten himself.

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The patented expansion mechanism uses flow-guiding wheels that are incorporated into the teeth of the gear system to provide a “click-free click” and minimal friction. There are five gears in total that allow the fine-tuning calibration of the belt from 0-22mm. A rolling click calibration lock complication, a vertical rotating friction controlled pin and a mechanically leveraged belt insertion clip all demonstrate the incredible mechanical savoir-faire that is hiding under the smoked sapphire crystals and Côtes de Genève decoration. Just watch the video below to get an understanding of Roland Iten's precision and design that went into engineering the Bugatti edition.

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