This Space Odyssey-Inspired Robot Wants To Redefine Laundry



Most people gawk at the thought of doing laundry. It must be done, and if there is nobody else doing it for you – the chore is real. Think of all the time you could spend doing something else more meaningful. Thankfully, the digital age comes with its plethora of innovations, and Shin Sakane has an idea.

The Japanese inventor is developing ‘the Laundriod’, a robot designed to be an all-you-need laundry solution, including folding your clothes. It will even sort out the pieces and organize them neatly! Of course, the robot isn’t merely a folding device – the refrigerator-sized Laundroid is also designed to function as a washing machine and clothes dryer.

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The project has received positive support, including some US$53 million from partners, including US$10 million from Panasonic, to embark on further development. Of Sakane’s earlier inventions, including golf clubs made of space materials and an anti-snoring device, the Laundroid in particular represents the inventor’s dreams of saving mankind from the perils of doing laundry.

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Indeed, the 45-year-old inventor has envisioned his project as Stanley Kubrick-inspired mysterious object, where “a technology that never existed on Earth descends from space”, enriching man with its avant-garde ways.

“If we could automate this, the act of doing laundry will be gone for good,” adds Sakane, head of Seven Dreamers Laboratories Inc.

The Laundroid is available for pre-order from March 2017.

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