Samsonite’s Lite Shock Luggage Weighs Lesser Than 2 Litres of Water

Minimal weight and maximum impact resistance combine to give you the lightest suitcase from Samsonite's Curv collection – a lot lighter than 2 litres of water, to be exact. The Spinner 55 weighs simply 1.693 kg, while the Spinner 69 stands at a mere 2.3kg. You could say the suitcase collection was made for the avid adventurer, and even if you don’t fancy yourself so, the suitcase is every bit a stylish statement piece.

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Complete with a never-before shock-absorbing corner design, Samsonite’s Lite Shock collection marks a new innovation, offering the comfort of ultra-light suitcases without the hassle of thick outer shells. Inspired by nature, find a reinforced organic design in its tough shell and its extremely thin trademark

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Curv material that also offers exceptional impact performance, especially at low temperatures. Even its top handle was designed in a fascinating exo-skeletal like structure.

The Samsonite Lite Shock suitcases also come with an integrated ID tag, and are fully customizable with laser engraving for a bespoke finish. Prices for the suitcases start at S$790.00 for the Spinner 55.

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