Sony Xperia Touch Turns Any Flat Surface Into A 23-inch Touchscreen


The new and unique Sony Xperia Touch interactive projector can turn any flat surface into a 23-inch touchscreen – this means that you can watch your favourites movies and also turn the projector into a keyboard for a quick YouTube search. This is made possible with a combination of hardware.

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The Xperia Touch is based on a proprietary Silicon X-tal Reflective Display technology, and it reads physical touches with its built-in 60fps camera and IR light detection. It also comes with two-way stereo speakers. The projection is 23-inch wide, and it can be displayed either in horizontal or vertical orientation by using ultrashort-throw projection. All this, while measuring just 69 x 134 x 143mm.

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With its access to apps on the Google Play store, this projector allows the user to utilize any flat surface in their homes, such as interacting with family and friends through social media apps or doing daily necessities like ordering groceries and taking down quick notes. It is also compatible with PlayStation 4’s Remote Play.

The Sony Xperia Touch will be available in Singapore from July 2017 onwards, at Sony Stores exclusively. It has an official retail price of S$2,298.

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