Splurge on a Diamond Encrusted iPhone 7


It’s a month away from September, which means the highly anticipated iPhone 7 is almost due. How will it exceed the iPhone 6, if it does? Will there be new surprises? Will it perhaps be somehow inspired by an earlier design? Will it be bigger or smaller than its predecessor?

Numerous websites are claiming to have exclusive insider information about the soon-to-be-launched iPhone, but Apple has been expectedly tight-lipped about the rumors, and have not officially announced its latest edition yet.

But that’s not stopping luxury retailer Brikk from allowing pre-orders to dazzle up their iPhones, for those who can’t resist a little bling. How else does your iPhone stand out from a myriad of other almost identical ones?

Choose from a selection of large diamonds and small diamonds, set in rose gold, yellow gold or platinum in endless possible combinations. It’s totally okay if you don’t like the template, standard colors the iPhone comes in – about 120 scratch resistant colors will leave you spoiled for choice.

Color isn’t the only wide spectrum – so is price. In other words, whether you want to be little sensible with a US$4,995 one from the Standard Collection, or just feel like blinging out big time with a $1.3 million splurge on the Bespoke Collection Imperial models, you’ll find something right in your ball park.


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