Special Edition: Styljoux’s Sexy Sapphire SM005


Photos: Styljoux

In an all-exclusive special edition, Styljoux is bringing you a pen of the highest sophistication. Enter the SM005, whose entire top barrel and cap are crafted from solid blocks of sapphire – making the pen a true sapphire sculpture in its purest form. This bad boy is the result of years and years of intense research and testing, to ensure a cutting-edge quality, a lasting character, an unwavering toughness and comfort in the highest level. Known for being incredibly scratch-resistant, Sapphire has a hardness of 1,800 Vickers.

Featuring an electro-plasma, handmade finish with Geneva waves and circular graining, the roller ball pen is part of a unique series of 10. The SM005 also contains five corundum functional jewels, a tungsten-carbide monobloc oscillating weight and a 'grande tapisserie' patterned Sapphire Slate Grey dial.

The pen’s transparent quality due to the molecular composition of aluminium oxide crystals – and was manufactured in what The House of Styljoux considers the biggest challenge in the making of this pen. Since crafting sapphire is an exceptionally delicate machining process, the result of this pen is truly the epitome of sophistication.




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