Visa Looking To Sunglasses As A Possible Mobile Payment Device


Whether you’re a fan of it or not, payment methods are slowly becoming cashless. Besides, there is no arguing the convenience of a cashless payment. In fact, the tech industry revolving around cashless payment has so rapidly evolved to a point where you don’t even need to fish out your credit card from your wallet. Mobile payment currently revolves around smartwatches and phones, but it may soon expand into sunglasses.

Visa recently showcased a pair of prototype sunglasses which has a NFC chip on its side. To make a payment, the user just have to take off the sunglasses and tap them on a Visa NFC-enabled terminal. Visa is currently assessing the demand for the sunglasses and if brands or banks are willing to sponsor the product.

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"It ties back to our tagline of everywhere you want to be," said Chris Curtin, chief brand and innovation marketing officer at Visa. "Without it it's hard for us to fulfill our tagline. Our view is we take form factors that you don't expect to be payment-enabled like sunglasses or maybe like a ring and expose to the market that maybe it can be."

Besides sunglasses, Visa has also experimented with other wearables such as rings and wristbands for mobile payment.

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Story originally appeared on HardwareZone.


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