Wearable Technology Money Can’t Buy

Microsoft HoloLens


Imagine 3D holograms in perfect sync with your reality – indeed, Microsoft HoloLens is more than an ordinary heads-up display. With transparent lenses, the your world remains clear and visible, but enhanced with high-definition holograms in a fascinating new world. Enhance your immediate world with something wonderful – add a Skype or perhaps even a WeChat icon on your actual desk, or transform the other person in the room into a fascinatingly sheer avatar. While the Lenses are still being developed, you can purchase the Development Edition for US$3,000.

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Skully AR-1



You could say the Skully AR-1 was slated to be the world’s smartest motorcycle helmet, with a live feed of its ultra-wide rear-view camera for a potentially life-saving, nearly 180-degree view. You could even make calls or listen to music while riding, but for your safety, we suggest that you do not. The DOT/ECE certified smart helmet also has GPS navigation and an electronically tinting visor that is also anti-fog and anti-scratch. Unfortunately, the helmet will not be hitting the stores any time soon – despite raising more than US$11 million, Skully filed for bankruptcy in 2016.

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MINI Augmented Vision

The MINI Augmented Vision eyewear blends a stylishly vintage aesthetic with technology of tomorrow. See-through technology offers relevant information, complementing the driver’s direct field of vision rather than obscuring it. Think of it as an interesting blend, where reality is enhanced with intelligent characteristics.

3D-Printed Fashion


Voxelworld meets Lexus to debut their 3D-printed fashion, with 13 designers from the USA, Asia and Europe featuring innovative skills including the crushing, heating and metamorphosis of polymers in a fascinating display of experimental fashion. Each piece offered an expression of the future, where its audience admired the collaboration’s stunning debut for the first time in Düsseldorf, Germany, at last year’s Platform Fashion. The partnership marks a step forward for online shop Voxelworld, which specializes in 3D-printed lifestyle products.

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