Waste Your Money (and Bubbly) on This Party Popping Champagne Gun


Since elegantly popping champagne corks and sometimes suffering a little foamy overflow is no longer in style, you should simply tip the whole bottle out – with a big party popper.

We’re talking about the champagne gun, a self-proclaimed first ever in the world, taking a water gun fight to a whole new level as you can now celebrate extravagant waste and gratuitous pleasure in a vicious champagne spray fest.

The party weapon is described to be ‘completely harmless’ however, and the video does appear to show their champagne gunners to remain relatively unharmed and grinning from utter entertainment.

Choose from three classics, gold, chrome and rose gold, as your high quality metal finishing of choice. Weighing about 5 lbs without magnum and up to 10 lbs with a full magnum, the metal structured gun is however made with a plastic shell and are only compatible with magnum sized bottles of all brands, with the exception of “special bottles”.



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