Limited Edition "Year of the Rooster" iPhone 7 by Legend


In celebration of the Year of the Rooster, Legend has announced a limited edition iPhone 7 with a unique design; combining modern technology with Chinese art and symbolism. When creating the unique, Legend’s design team focused on interpreting and paying tribute to Chinese symbolism and traditional ornaments. The element that at first catches the eye, is quite obviously the 24K gold-plated Rooster centrepiece. If you look closely, you can see that the rooster holds in its mouth eight lucky charms strung together. As you may know, the number “8” symbolizes wholeness in Chinese culture.

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The corners of the iPhone are adorned with platinum-plated and hand-engraved ornaments crafted by Legend’s master engraver. Three corners are inlaid with enamel and 24K gold-plated Fu, Lu and Shou symbols representing the Chinese deities (Sanxing) of prosperity, status and longevity. The rectangular frame is hand-engraved with exquisite cloud ornaments and filled with transparent red enamel. The color red symbolizes good fortune, fire and joy.

Since each of Legend’s creations is bespoke, the client can customize the design with various options. For example, Legend also offers an alternative centerpiece instead of rooster; a 24K gold-plated Dragon centerpiece (see below). As special feature, the dragon’s eyes are hand-set with genuine red diamonds. The design can be further customized with full platinum or rose gold-plating (you could also opt for selective plating with various combinations).

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Black, gold or white hand-cut mother-of-pearl inlays can be chosen as backgrounds for the centerpiece. The enamel filled engravings can be alternatively filled with the client’s favourite color instead of red. The commemorative Year of the Rooster iPhone 7 comes with a custom-made leather pouch, 24K gold plated earpods, a luxurious presentation box, certificate and a warranty card.

Currently the bespoke device can be purchased from Legend’s website for 3,390 euros, or The Venetian Macao, and soon from a retailer in Hong Kong’s Times Square mall.

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