Best restaurants for foodies to visit in Pigneto, Italy


This bohemian part of town, once a working-class suburb of ill repute, is worlds away from the Rome of Colosseum fame. Its fortunes may be on the up, with a clutch of arty venues, bars and restaurants mushrooming along its cobblestone streets, but the laid-back locals still like to keep it real. Here, good food and drink always win the day.

Necci Dal 1924


This 1970s-themed Pigneto institution first found fame as a location for the 1961 film Accattone, directed by Pier Paolo Pasolini. All these years later, locals still love the bar-restaurant for its old-school ethos and faultless fare, which includes freshly baked pastries and paccheri (a tubular pasta) with octopus, cherry tomatoes and olives.

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Yeah! Pigneto


Pick your aperitif, perhaps something from this cafe-bar’s Greatest Hits list – you’ll find everything from daiquiris to margaritas. Then, pick your record; there’s an awesome vinyl collection. Song requests are also welcome. You can catch a live-band performance too.



This former mechanic’s workshop is now a courtyard cafe apt for socialising, the perfect spot for weekend brunch or ‘Granny’s lunch’, as the locals like to call it. For a long, conversation-fuelled meal, you can’t go wrong with dishes such as agnolotti with butter and sage, or a pizza fresh from a wood-fired oven. Rosti sources its seasonal ingredients from well-known local suppliers.

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Primo Al Pigneto


Primo Al Pigneto is a hot favourite with its modern takes on classic Roman dishes – think spelt macaroni with lamb, and tiramisu with iced mascarpone. Pair these with a biodynamic Italian red.

Photos: Supplied, Primo Al Pigneto, Rosti

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