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Larry Jewelry, known for its refrain A Legend of Fine Jewelry in Asia, is celebrating its 50th Anniversary and its 28th year of partnership with LAZARE Diamonds® this year. What distinguishes Larry Jewelry from other fine jewelers is its uncompromising commitment to providing high quality diamonds, elegant designs, excellent craftsmanship as well as highly personalized services.

Always Perfect

In 1989, Larry Jewelry was commissioned to be the exclusive distributor of LAZARE Diamonds® in Singapore. This was indubitably a significant milestone in Larry Jewelry’s business development. Throughout their 28-year partnership, the close collaboration between Larry Jewelry’s personalized services and the customization of exquisite jewelry encrusted with LAZARE® ideal-cut diamonds, has been well received by its well-heeled clientele and has gained considerable popularity simply by word of mouth.


In 1903, Lazare Kaplan founded and established his namesake diamond cutting company – Lazare Kaplan International Inc. In 1919, through a research project developed by his cousin, Marcel Tolkowsky who was a mathematician, Lazare Kaplan became the first to successfully apply a complex mathematical formula to determine the ‘ideal cut’ for diamonds. For almost a century, LAZARE® has consistently cut its diamonds with the highest precision by adhering to its stringent standards so as to maximize the brilliance of each diamond.

Lazare Kaplan was a highly notable figure in the field of diamond manufacturing and developed a remarkable reputation as ‘The World’s Greatest Diamond Cutter’. Back in 1934, Lazare Kaplan was commissioned by the renowned New York diamond merchant, Harry Winston, to cut and cleave the Jonker diamond. The Jonker diamond is currently the seventh largest diamond, weighing 726-carats. In 1964, Lazare Kaplan’s contributions earned him the title of ‘honorary vice president’ at the Gemological Institute of America (GIA). Six years later, Lazare Kaplan International Inc. became the first diamond company to be publicly listed in the American Stock Exchange.

During the 1970s, LAZARE® sold its diamonds in Japan and gradually expanded its reach in the Asian market. By 2007, LAZARE® had grown to 10 boutique stores across Asia and over 1,000 outlets in 15 countries. The senior vice president of Lazare Kaplan International Inc., Charles C. Rosario said, “The consumers in Asia have a great appreciation for diamonds, and will research on the diamonds before buying them. Their priority is the quality of the diamond, and they are very attentive of the details in the diamond cut. They are our ideal customers! They know that a LAZARE® Diamond is the best.”


Even with the expansion of its regional business, LAZARE® did not fail to offer a wide selection of fine diamond jewelry to suit its diversified markets. For its launch in Singapore, the collaboration between LAZARE Diamonds® and Larry Jewelry was intense. Frequent discussions were held and countless modifications were made to achieve unanimous satisfaction of the final collection to be launched.

Its close working relationship with the Namibian Government has given LAZARE® control over the mineral resources and facilitated production of diamonds of the highest-quality. This has enabled LAZARE Diamonds® to satisfy the demands of Larry Jewelry’s clientele by giving them a greater variety from which to choose their desired gemstones.

Recently, LAZARE® and Larry Jewelry unveiled the RollerGlam collection. The hallmark of this new jewelry collection is its minimalist design. A cylindrical tube forms its signature element, a segment of which is open to expose a LAZARE® solitaire in a tension setting, drawing the audience to focus on the brilliance and beauty of the LAZARE® diamond. Since its launch, the sleek and elegant RollerGlam collection has received rave reviews and has become the pride of LAZARE Diamonds®. “We place the interests of our clients before us, from choosing the type of diamonds, to the design and production of the jewelry. We strive to create jewelry that best fits them.” - Charles C. Rosario

An Everlasting Promise

Megan Chua is an independent and successful individual, who’s the founder of her namesake real estate company, Megan Realty Consultants Pte Ltd. Not only does she possess some truly exquisite jewels from Larry Jewelry, but Megan is also a loyal customer of its bespoke services. Ever since a close friend recommended the brand to her in 2009, her fondness for its fine jewelry designs and bespoke services has grown.


A pair of Princess-cut diamond earrings were Megan’s first set of personalized creations from Larry Jewelry. Back then, the boutique staff recommended LAZARE Diamonds® to Megan and the gem’s brilliance and lustre left a deep impression on her. Two months later, Megan returned to the boutique to purchase her first LAZARE Diamonds® bangle. It had a spectacular design with embedded LAZARE Diamonds®, which when viewed from an angle, looked like heart shapes strung together. Megan also matched the bangle with a ring of the same design.

Six years later, her love for the Princess-cut diamonds led her back to Larry Jewelry, in search of larger diamonds set in a bangle of the same design. LAZARE® and Larry Jewelry underwent a tedious nine-month search for the larger diamonds with an E-color grade equivalent. However, the design of the bangle which Megan chose could not quite accommodate the larger diamonds she wanted, so LAZARE Diamonds went the extra mile to create a mould that matched her ideal diamond specifications. It was manufactured in New York, and took about three months to complete before it was finally delivered to an elated Megan in Singapore.

“At eye level, LAZARE’s ideal-cut diamond is always perfectly beautiful. The idealcut diamond maximizes the brilliance and scintillation of every carat of diamond. The radiance that reflects out of a LAZARE® diamond, from any angle, in any form of light, is immensely scintillating and extraordinary.” said Megan.

Megan often shares her ideas with the design specialists at Larry Jewelry. In 2016, Megan handed two sets of jewels to Larry Jewelry, and both had great significance to her. The first was a pair of diamond earrings, a 21st birthday gift from her parents. The second was a piece of jade which her father had specifically left her. The design team at Larry Jewelry spent two months designing, editing, and skillfully merging two sentimental pieces into one that suited Megan best.

“I believe that it was the design expertise and skilled craftsmanship at Larry Jewelry, which made it possible to merge two precious and sentimental jewelry pieces into an everlasting treasure. I am very grateful for their professional service and assurance. They kept their promise.” said Megan.

From October 27 till December 31, Larry Jewelry’s patrons will have the opportunity to win a LAZARE® pendant that can also be worn as a brooch. Valued at S$12,800, the limited edition Wing of Hope is set in 18K white gold and encrusted with two 0.645carat LAZARE Diamonds®. Customers are entitled to one Lucky Draw coupon for every S$1,000 purchase of any LAZARE® jewelry. Moreover, for every Lucky Draw coupon, Larry Jewelry & LAZARE Diamonds® will collectively contribute S$10 to the Strait Times School Pocket Money Fund.

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