This Cute Pooch Probably Earns More than You


When it comes to pampered pets and prettied up pooches, one might think that such privilege comes with a particularly wealthy owner, whose means allowed for such unspeakable extravagance, but what if we told you that this particular pooch got rich all on his own?

If one argues that beauty is a precursor to great success, then that’s exactly how it worked out for Boo the Pomeranian, who managed to steal millions of hearts around the world with his saccharine good looks and irresistible fluffiness. With the backing of over 17 million Facebook fans, stuffed toys likened after him and a series of books written about him, the “world’s cutest dog” probably also takes home more dough than the average person – a staggering $1 million annually.

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Boo first shot to fame when singer Ke$sha tweeted a link to his Facebook page, which innocently said, "My name is Boo. I am a dog. Life is good." Even though Boo already had a considerable following of five million Facebook fans then, the rest was history for the world’s cutest dog, now 10 years old, who quickly found himself appointed as the Official Pet Liaison of Virgin America and leading an empire of sorts with a rather handsome salary.

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It was only in 2012 when Boo’s mystery owner, who previously went by her stage name J.H. Lee, was finally unmasked to the world as Facebook’s finance lead, Irene Ahn. The same year, Boo was subjected to a series of death hoaxes that spawned the #RIPBOO hashtags on Facebook after Gizmodo’s Sam Biddle tweeted Boo’s apparent ‘death’. Fortunately, the speculations were unwarranted as Boo was found to be very much alive, as The Chronicle Book staff later confirmed.

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