Embraer’s Manhattan Jet Is Inspired By New York’s Art Deco Era


Embraer’s Manhattan Jet is as sophisticated as New York City was in the 1920s, with its decadent Art Deco style. Deep mahogany wood panels, brass and gold trim, and rich jewel hues provide the perfect backdrop for refined comfort. Beautiful artwork in the entry area includes a distinctive metallic mural, reminiscent of the iconic Art Deco mural in the Empire State Building.

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Guests can meet in the Cloud Club, a luxury lounge with décor inspired by the Chrysler building. The Cloud Club also features a cosmopolitan style bar with retractable bar stools, vintage sconces and a mohair/lambskin divan. One of the key features of this gorgeous space is the panoramic city loft window inspired by Jean-Michel Frank designs.

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The Manhattan Jet evokes a timeless elegance with touches of grand iconic style. Warm wooden flooring, rich accents and brass light treatments throughout the aircraft create a clubby atmosphere, ideal for the flow of cocktails and conversation. For dinner options, you could head to the Crystal Room, an enclave that allows six passengers at a time to dine privately, in style. The Manhattan Jet’s Park Avenue design is evident in the plush divans and rich color schemes.

The Manhattan Jet is essentially a custom designed version of Embraer’s ultra-large Lineage 1000E which offers five cabin zones in hundreds of configurations. It features a spacious setting that is 2.5 times larger than that of an average ultra-long-range jet. The Lineage 1000E has a 84-feet-long by 6-feet-7-inches-high cabin, a 323-cubic-feet walk-in baggage compartment, and a 120-cubic-feet external compartment (the largest in business aviation). Check out Embraer’s virtual tour for the Lineage 1000E below.

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