Insider's Picks: Five Submarines You Can Buy

Life under the sea is always fascinating to us creatures of the land. You’d think that a submarine is set aside for military operations and the likes, but you could also use them for tourist activities, deep sea adventures, and educational explorations. Why go diving in a wetsuit, lugging around heavy oxygen tanks, when you can sit in the comfort of your own swanky submarine, like these:

DeepFlight Super Falcon Mark II


As with all DeepFlight craft, this handsome submersible is designed with safety as its prime criteria. The Super Falcon Mark II builds on the ultra-successful Mark 1, and will allow you to roll with the dolphins and ride alongside big whales, as it takes you anywhere you’d like in impeccable style and great comfort, with the ease of certified safety. Furthermore, the Super Falcon Mark II separates itself from other run-of-the-mill submersibles that utilize a ballast to descend, with its auto-return to the surface. Fast, clean and ultra-quiet, this bad boy boasts a cruising speed of 2-6 knots and can reach depths of up to 120m.

James Bond's 1977 Lotus Esprit 007 Submarine


You might recognize this piece of cinematic history as the iconic 1977 Lotus Esprit 007 Submarine from the James Bond movie, The Spy Who Loved Me. Just like how Mr. Bond drove his Lotus Esprit into the water where it quickly converted to a submarine, this one pays homage to the iconic scene by fashioning a submarine after the car. The fully functional “wet submarine” can fully operate underwater, and was sold for $968,000 to a telephone bidder at the RM auctions.

VAS Luxury Submersible


Owning a superyacht is impressive. But owning a superyacht with its own private submersible is even better. This retro-style bad boy has an optional Diver Lockout, where you can to exit and re-enter the submarine while underwater. The Nautilus VAS also offers full size stairs instead of a ladder, a minibar, digital video and music players, a full-size standing room and a lavatory. It also has an Mk III version that can carry up to five passengers and reach speeds of up to 6 knots.

Super Yacht Sub 3 by U-Boat Worx


Given its flexible lifting arrangement, its ultra-low weight and ultra-small size, you could expect to come aboard this bad boy quite effortlessly. Super Yacht Sub 3 by U-Boat Worx also promises exceptional performance and reliability, and it wouldn’t matter if you were navigating underwater through crazy currents or facing rough conditions up top. Furthermore, with its extremely powerful thrusters and its state-of-the-art Freeboard Extender, you could be sure to open the surface hatch even during high waves.

U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5


If a mini, personal submersible isn’t quite your thing, because you like to share the good stuff, up to five people can seat comfortably inside the U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5. While the U-Boat Worx C-Explorer 5 has a diving limit of 200m, you can submit a special request to the U-Bout Worx folks to make you one that will go up to 300m deeper. You could cruise underwater at 2.5 knots with this, thanks to its pair of horizontal thrusters. Further, it’s even got a full 360-degree acrylic pressure hull, two independent life support systems and up to 8 hours of operational autonomy.


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