Here’s Why the Rascal Superyacht is the Ultimate Luxury Trip of 2017


‘Hamptons Beach House on Water’

Designed with the imagery of a Hamptons beach house floating on water, Rascal is also the only Phinisi superyacht to boast all five of its spacious double cabins above deck, with stunning outdoor terraces overlooking the sea.

Venture into the Unknown

Embark on the trip of a lifetime as you journey into the unknown, from the scuba diving paradise that is the Komodo National Park to breathtaking Sumba Island with its local hilltop villages. Push boundaries and venture further afield than the typical destinations. The only rule Rascal follows is: “If coconuts don't grow there, she won’t go there!”

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Bespoke Voyage

Tailor-made cruising makes each itinerary flexible, crafted and designed exactly to your dream voyage. From start to finish, each new day brings unlimited possibilities, whether you head to off-radar island destinations or stargaze on the rooftop at midnight.

Dive Master On Board

Dive and snorkel to your heart’s content – and you don’t even have to be a master. Accompanied by one of Indonesia’s travel and diving elite, Dive Master Garry (Gaz) Phillips is the Rascal Superstar Cruise Director, and together you will uncover some of the region’s most undiscovered marine-life.

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Awesome Food

Indulge in a menu from The Good Food Brotherhood, with fresh food, made-to-order 24-hours every day. With fresh seafood catches, fine wine and cheese, be spoilt for choice. There will also be a special cocktail menu courtesy of the team behind Singapore’s 28 Hong Kong Street, featuring a bespoke Rascal Rum.

Digital Detox

Lose yourself in the peaceful surroundings of panoramic views and days where no boat crosses Rascal’s path. Indeed, here’s the opportunity to switch off in style and disconnect from life as your travel to the more remote regions of Komodo and Raja Ampat.

Complimentary Night for Every 3-Nights Booked

For charters booked between January and June 2017, Rascal extends a complimentary night. The superyacht is available for private charter only, with nightly rates starting at US$8,500 (full board), Rates vary per itinerary and season, and bookings must be made before June 2017 for travel before October 2017 to be entitled to the complimentary night.

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